We Are

A textile label with a production concept that takes into account the environmental and social impacts. Our design is long lasting and timeless.

We are inspired by the little things that make us love Indonesia as we work closely with our craftsmen and ensure that fair trade system are implied. Since we produce on demand by putting into concern the ability of our craftsmen, we do not do any clearance sale. The profit we are gaining, we give it back to the community in hopes of making this world a better one.

Our fabrics are made out of natural fibers such as linen, cotton and Tencel. As part of our campaign to promote circular fashion and environmentally friendly brand, we continue to do research and trying to combine technology and traditional technique on producing our garments.

Each pattern has a story created by unique human beings with love for you to wear and share. Each piece are inspired by the Indonesian traditional attire with a contemporary twist. Light, warm, timeless, wearable felt tip fabrics.