Kaos Sulam P

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Size M
Color White
Material Organic Cotton

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A cool white unisex t-shirt, hand stitched with our chicken mascot. Made from organic cotton, comfortable for you & good for the earth.

Size Guide

Bust / Lingkar Badan: 100 cm
Arm Hole / Lingkar Lengan: 48 cm
Shoulder Length / Panjang Bahu: 13 cm
Sleeve Length / Panjang Lengan: 22 cm
Shirt Length / Panjang Baju: 68 cm

Bust / Lingkar Badan: 106 cm
Arm Hole / Lingkar Lengan: 50 cm
Shoulder Length / Panjang Bahu: 14 cm
Sleeve Length / Panjang Lengan: 23 cm
Shirt Length / Panjang Baju: 70 cm

Bust / Lingkar Badan: 114 cm
Arm Hole / Lingkar Lengan: 53 cm
Shoulder Length / Panjang Bahu: 16 cm
Sleeve Length / Panjang Lengan: 25 cm
Shirt Length / Panjang Baju: 75 cm

Bust / Lingkar Badan: 120 cm
Arm Hole / Lingkar Lengan: 56 cm
Shoulder Length / Panjang Bahu: 17 cm
Sleeve Length / Panjang Lengan: 26 cm
Shirt Length / Panjang Baju: 77 cm

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Sejauh Mata Memandang is working together with the HAkA Foundation and the Leuser Conservation Forum, and supported by all Sahabat Sejauh who are taking an active role in conserving and protecting the Leuser Ecosystem Area, East Aceh which is the final home for several endangered animals, including the Sumatran elephants, the Sumatran tigers, the Sumatran rhinos and the Sumatran orangutan.

Let's step together, make changes for a better future.

Daur Ulang Sejauh

Sejauh Mata Memandang partners up with EcoTouch in carrying out a clothing recycling program. Clothes that have been collected will be sorted and processed for recycling into insulating fibers, insulators, sound absorbers, threads, and fabrics.