The Leuser Ecosystem Area is one of the most important National Parks in the world. Recognised globally as one of the richest stretches of tropical rainforest in Southeast Asia, the Leuser Ecosystem is also one of Asia's largest carbon sinks. Covering an area of ​​more than 2.6 million hectares, it is located on the island of Sumatra which includes two provinces, namely Aceh and North Sumatra. Leuser consists of lowland rain forest, peat swamp, mountain and coastal forests, and mountain meadows.

Leuser is also the last home in the world where four rare and endangered species live. Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran rhinos, Sumatran elephants and Sumatran tigers coexist in the wild. The Leuser Ecosystem area also plays a role as a life support system for approximately four million people in Aceh. Leuser's main ecosystem services are the provision of clean water, disaster mitigation, provision of forest products such as rattan, bamboo and wild fruits harvested by local people.

Sejauh Mata Memandang is working together with the HAkA Foundation and the Leuser Conservation Forum, as well as supported by all Sahabat Sejauh who are contributing in conserving and protecting the Leuser Ecosystem Area, East Aceh as the final home for several endangered animals, including the Sumatran elephants, the Sumatran tigers, the Sumatran rhinos and the Sumatran orangutan.

Through every purchase of a Sejauh’s product, Sahabat Sejauh has donated one tree for the forest restoration program in the Leuser Ecosystem Area and has taken part in caring for our Earth and supporting the livelihood of the local community.

By the beginning of 2023, Sejauh had succeeded in expanding the forest restoration area from 6 hectares to 20 hectares.

Let's step together, make changes for a better future.