Our Story

Sejauh Mata Memandang is an Indonesian textile label–founded in 2014 by Chitra Subyakto, an Indonesian renowned fashion creative–that carries slow and circular fashion concepts.

Chitra aspires to create contemporary pieces from traditional Indonesian textile more appealing to the younger generations by juxtaposing tradition with casual modernity.

We feature signature motifs inspired by the little things we encounter every day–handcrafted by the meticulous artisans from Java, Bali, and Sumba on our pieces which are designed to be timeless, yet contemporary and wearable, and that are realised through materials such as cotton, linen, and Tencel as well as recycled textiles from both pre-consumer waste and post-consumer waste textiles that are processed into new materials to push towards circularity and to save the environment.

As a textile label, we strive to be as responsible as we can in doing our business by collaborating with various organisations who share the same purposes in reducing textile waste, preserving the Earth, and empowering people.

First Life: BARU

We always strive to create wearable clothing for every occasion, by taking into account the design, materials, and production processes that are responsible and eco-friendly

Second life: Daur

Through our DAUR collection we bring back to life our leftover materials, turning them into wearable products.

Third Life: Baur

We give new life to post-consumer textile waste in collaboration with EcoTouch. We recycle these textile wastes into new clothes as an effort to reduce textile waste and implement circularity.