Sejauh Couple: Ariffin Jamar & Widanty Lintang

Sejauh Couple: Ariffin Jamar & Widanty Lintang

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Ariffin Jamar's assignment in Jakarta was the turning point when he met Widanty Lintang, leading to a blossoming relationship. Despite the challenges of long-distance between Singapore and Jakarta, their commitment was unwavering, nurtured by daily communication. This is their journey from courtship to marriage.

Sejauh (S): How long have you been together?

Lintang (L): Nearly four years now.

S: Your meeting place?

Ariffin (A): I was covering events in Jakarta as a photojournalist in 2019 when I met Lintang online, leading to our first date.

S: Describe your first date.

L: It was at Setiabudi One. A casual meet-up turned special with a surprise cake from Ariffin, a playful twist to our conversation over a meal and dessert.

S: How well do you know each other?

A: As the saying goes, 'Sejauh mata memandang' (As far as the eye can see). We've maintained our bond through screens, especially during the pandemic.

S: Any relationship advice?

A & L: Constant communication is vital. We ensured our 'lockdown relationship' stayed strong with frequent updates.

S: Do you have any couple items?

L: Yes, our Sejauh Mata Memandang wedding outfits and sneakers.

Image courtesy of Dandy Febriansyah

S: How did Sejauh Mata Memandang come into the picture?

A: Through Lintang's fashion industry connections.

Image courtesy of Dandy Febriansyah

S: Why choose this brand for your wedding?

L: We wanted casual yet formal attire. Sejauh Mata Memandang offered contemporary batik that fit our wedding's vibe.

Image courtesy of Dandy Febriansyah

S: First impressions of the brand?

A: Our wedding attire received glowing reviews for its modern take on batik and comfort, suitable for Singapore’s climate.

S: Your favorite collection?

L: The “Laut Kita” and “Semanggi” collections.

Image courtesy of Dandy Febriansyah

S: What's your take on responsible fashion?

L: It's about investing in versatile, long-lasting pieces. That's why we picked our wedding attire from this brand, perfect for various occasions beyond the wedding day.

S: Who inspired you to live sustainably?

A: It's our own initiative to contribute to a cooler planet.

S: #SejauhManaKamuPeduli for the planet?

L: Small actions count. Using reusable bags and supporting sustainable brands are our steps towards a better future for the Earth.

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