Sejauh Mata Memandang team participating in a waste management training session

Life at Sejauh: A Day Becoming a Ranger With Divers Clean Action

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Hello, #SahabatSejauh! Each year, on February 21, we commemorate National Waste Care Day in Indonesia. As a textile brand committed to Earth conservation, Sejauh Mata Memandang joins this initiative by managing waste responsibly in our offices and surroundings.

On February 2, we paused our operations to participate in a training event called "A Day Becoming a Ranger." This event was organized by Divers Clean Action, the Natural Resources Conservation Agency, and BRIN Oceanography in the Muara Angke Wildlife Sanctuary, North Jakarta. During this event, we learned about marine debris sampling, a technique developed to identify microplastics in the sand sediment.

We then toured the mangrove area, observing the local fauna, flora, and the healthy growth of the mangrove trees. We also planted 22 mangrove trees to contribute to the greening of the area.

Our journey continued on a boat tour around the fishing village on the North Jakarta coast. We witnessed firsthand the impact of climate change and the extent of sea pollution due to waste. We conducted a cleanup, collected, sorted, and weighed the waste, which included single-use plastic, recyclable plastic, hazardous waste, and even textile waste.

We understand that textile waste, even in small amounts, can pollute the environment due to the microplastics in cloth fibers. This realization guides our commitment to responsibility in our decision-making process.

Through the training, we learned several strategies to minimize our impact, such as planting mangrove seedlings and waste management. This knowledge will help us in making more environmentally conscious decisions and contribute positively to the environment.


Life at Sejauh Sehari Menjadi Rangers


Life at Sejauh Sehari Menjadi Rangers


Life at Sejauh Sehari Menjadi Rangers
Life at Sejauh Sehari Menjadi Rangers

Life at Sejauh Sehari Menjadi Rangers

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