Sejauh Couple: Nanja Anggun & Akbar Prasetyo

Sejauh Couple: Nanja Anggun & Akbar Prasetyo

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Starting from classmates, who even sat on the same bench, and eventually became life partners. Such is the love story of Nanja Anggun and Akbar Prasetyo. A destiny that neither of them expected. These Sejauh lovebirds want to share their story with the Sejauh Friends, just listen here.

Sejauh (S): How long have you been dating? Tell us about it…

Nanja (N): Five years of dating, almost 1 year of marriage. Long story short we were best friends who turned into lovers. Then I graduated from college in Bandung, then returned to Malang. After I completely broke up with my boyfriend from high school, Akbar finally made his move, where he patiently waited 6 years. After being rejected, he kept trying, starting out as a friend, becoming a couple. I felt strange at first, I never expected us to get married. I could never have imagined how far we'd have come. 

S: Where did you first meet? Could you share the details?

N: High school classmates.

S: Describe your first date.

N: Roadside fried rice and eating it in the car. Every basketball practice (on Tuesday or Thursday at that time) Akbar picked me up at my house. His alibi was to accompany me to eat and it was consistent for almost 2 months. Eventually it became a habit.

S: How well do you know your partner?

N: It feels like we know everything, but when we got married, there were still many surprises.

S: Any relationship tips you want to share?

N: Understanding and forgiving.

S: What are your matching couple items?

N: Shoes and clothes.

S: How did you discover Sejauh Mata Memandang?

N: I found out about Sejauh Mata Memandang from Instagram.

S: Why did you choose Sejauh Mata Memandang?

N: The fabric, comfortable to wear for outdoor pre-wedding photo session, less is better; we want something eye catching, but not overdone.

S: What was your first experience with Sejauh Mata Memandang like?

N: Very comfortable, from the material, to the cut. Since I wear hijab, even though I have to wear cuffs again, it's still comfortable.

S: Which Sejauh Mata Memandang collection is most memorable for you?

N: The “Noodle Bowl” Collection in creme color, because the color and pattern are very distinctive. The item that first attracted me to Sejauh Mata Memandang.

S: What is your understanding of responsible fashion?

N: As owners and consumers, we must be aware of the environmental impact of using fashion items. Starting from the initial process, manufacturing waste, to waste when the clothes are no longer used.

S: Who inspires you in slow living?

N: Dian Sastrowardoyo, Valerie and Veronika twins. Their content and the way they educate about sustainable living. As influencers, artists, content creators, they can still care about the environment. They still want to educate us as their followers. They also make products that are aware of the environment. And lastly women support women, it's nice when women speak up and care about current issues.

S: #SejauhManaKamuPeduli for the planet?

N: I carry a tumbler and sometimes my own food container. Other than that, I reduce food waste, buy the right amount of food. Also, being aware of the products we use and their waste impact.

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