Sejauh Couple: Priska Talitha & Gifari Akbar

Sejauh Couple: Priska Talitha & Gifari Akbar

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Priska Talitha and Gifari Akbar (Agif) prove that when it's a true match, a relationship, no matter how brief, can progress to marriage, especially if the couple knows each other well. Despite the challenges of a long-distance relationship (LDR), their bond only grew stronger. Let’s delve into Priska and Agif’s captivating love story.

Sejauh (S): How long have you been dating? Tell us about it…

Priska (P): We dated for three months in a Jakarta-Bandung LDR. Agif visited me in Jakarta every week. During our courtship, we didn’t dwell on serious topics like marriage, yet we understood each other deeply. Agif had met my family, and vice versa. In late August, Agif surprised me by asking for a more serious commitment during a visit to Bandung, and I said yes. We immediately began wedding preparations, even before Agif officially proposed to my parents. Thankfully, they were supportive. Agif and I managed to plan our entire wedding in just three months.

S: Where did you first meet? Can you share the details?

P: We met in Bandung through work. I was modeling for Agif’s brand, so our initial meeting was professional. Agif kindly booked a hotel for me when I wasn’t feeling well, and we shared a meal together before I rested. We didn’t stay in touch for about a month, until Agif reached out to invite me to a movie.

S: Tell us about your first date!

P: Our first date was to see "Avengers: End Game." Agif, being a Marvel fan, insisted we watch it on its release day. It turned out, his claim of working in Jakarta was a ruse to see me!

S: How well do you know your partner?

P: Despite our short courtship, Agif and I know each other’s strengths and weaknesses quite well. We’re always open and genuine with each other, and new discoveries about each other don’t surprise us.

S: Any relationship tips you want to share?

P: Honesty is our relationship’s foundation. Trust builds when we’re transparent about everything, good or bad. Discussing problems and differences until a solution is found strengthens our bond, making our relationship resilient against challenges.

S: What couple items do you have?

P: We have an extensive collection of matching clothes and sports shoes.

S: How did you discover Sejauh Mata Memandang?

P: Both of us have been aware of Sejauh since our student days, largely through Instagram and Sejauh’s collaborations with Dian Sastro.

S: Why did you choose Sejauh Mata Memandang?

P: Sejauh Mata Memandang aligns with our appreciation for strong cultural elements combined with modernity. It’s a perfect fit amidst the influx of foreign brands and cultures in Indonesia.

S: How was your first experience wearing Sejauh Mata Memandang?

P: Wearing Sejauh made us feel connected to Indonesian culture and, quite frankly, very cool!

S: Which collection of Sejauh Mata Memandang is the most memorable for you?

P: The "Laut Kita" collection is special to us. It not only features distinctive and classic patterns but also raises awareness among millennials about Indonesia's oceanic wealth.

S: What do you know about responsible fashion?

P: We believe responsible fashion is about brands taking environmental responsibility by using eco-friendly materials. It’s about giving back to nature.

S: Who inspires you in slow living?

P: Dian Sastro inspires us with her commitment to building a better Indonesia, using her influence as a renowned actress.

S: #SejauhManaKamuPeduli for the planet?

P: We look beyond the present, envisioning a place where the earth is preserved for our future generations to enjoy.

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